Sarasa NFT

Patagonian Digital Art



It is a project of visual expression, from the Patagonian Artist Cannawix, his personal vision of life, leads him to express himself in a unique, fresh, frontal, free, intrepid and daring way.

The project takes shape, with the help of NavoneJuan, in the design, web development and publication of the NFT.


In May 2021, the idea of #Sarasa began to take shape, and the tokens were published on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to explore the Juungle market, the stagnation of this platform, forces us to look for a more commercially active alternative , so it was that, In January 2022, it was decided to move #Sarasa NFT to Opensea, using the advantages offered by Polygon (Matic)

Sarasa NFT

Bart Simpsons Soul
Bart Simpson's Soul
Between laughs, we decided to sell our souls to the blockchain, and that's how the first publication in Sarasa was "The soul of Bart Simpson"

Alluding to Chapter 4 of Season 7 of "The Simpsons" where Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for $5, but soon regrets it.
From Argentina, Patagonian Art tells us about the moment during the global economic crisis, the society on fire, and a new opportunity that was born to regain control of our economy. Thanks to digital wizards emerged from the ashes of chaos, who left their mark on the timeline, creating a before and after in history. A new market opens its way and with it, a window of opportunity for those misunderstood in search of fulfillment and economic stability, outside the corrupt and oppressive system.
Listening to a stranger talk about NFTs, Blockchain, Web3.0, Metaverse, and trying to shape all this information, which manages to cross borders in fractions of a second.

In my head an explosion of incomprehensible shapes and colors is created.

This is Chipewa.

© Sarasa from Cannawix with NavoneJuan
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